The Museum Robbery Escape Game

The Museum Robbery

A rare and priceless piece of art was recently stolen from one of America’s most prominent museums. Your team has infiltrated the residence of the alleged thief, and now must quickly recover the stolen art. Be be forewarned! The thief will only be away from his home for one hour. Fail to recover the stolen art and exit the residence within 60 minutes, and there will be consequences!

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it's all Wired!

It’s all WIRED!

You have been chosen to join a group of federal agents assigned to a bizarre case. You and your team will enter the lair of a suspect known only as “OMEGA.” Intelligence shows that he has prepared some sort of “doomsday” device, and plans to detonate it in 60 minutes. You and your team need to act quickly to find out what he has created and deactivate it – before it’s too late!

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